Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's / Teenage)

Beyond the Gender Binary

Alok Vaid-Menon i Ashley Lukashevsky

Ambitious Girl

Meena Harris i Marissa Valdez

Grown: The Black Girls' Guide to Glowing Up

Melissa Cummings-Quarry, Natalie A Carter, et al.



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Being You: A First Conversation About Gender

Jessica Ralli, Megan Madison, et al.

Trans Teen Survival Guide

Fox Fisher i Owl Fisher

Here the Whole Time

Vitor Martins

I Am a Person

Leonie Arnold

I Feel...Allergic

Dj Corchin

I'm Guilty: Gordon the Guilty Gorilla

Karen Denise Cuthrell, Lana Wesley, et al.

The Slumpy Blues: Slumpy the Sad Elephant

Karen Denise Cuthrell, Lana Wesley, et al.