Pets (Children's / Teenage)

All About Dogs

Jozua Douglas i Hiky Helmatel

Henrietta's Guide to Caring for Your Chickens

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The Medina Guide to the Arabian Horse

Kitty Carruthers i Gillian Whitworth

Pet Expert: Dogs

Gemma Barder

Tails, Scales, Fur, Purr, Oink

Jennifer Foreman de Grassi Williams i Bobbi Kelly

All About Dogs

John Samar i Mihailo Tatic


Jennifer Lowe

Pet That Dog!

Rachel Braunigan i Gideon Kidd

Do Border Collies Dream of Sheep? Full Color Edition

Carol Lea Benjamin i C Denise Wall

Baby Animals Puppy

Angela Royston

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: I Want a Dog

Ben Hubbard i Jason Chapman