Humorous stories (Children's / Teenage)


Yusuke Yonezu

The Burptionary

Andy Jones i David Puckeridge

The Old Man and the C

Carole Jean Tremblay i Angela Donato

Hush, its Christmas!

Karen Christine Angermayer

Seaside Escape

Cari Meister i Heather Burns

Baboon on the Moon

Claire Bates

The Funny Girl Pack A of 4

D.L. Green i Leandra La Rosa

The Monster Cafe

Sean Leahy

Zeke Meeks vs the Gruesome Girls

D.L. Green i Josh Alves

This or That: A Story about Choosing

Kell Andrews i Hector Borlasca

The Vampire Who Lost Her Fangs

Hans M Hirschi i Finn Swan

The Smallest Horse in the World

Jeremy Strong i Scoular Anderson

The Cranky Ballerina

Elise Gravel

Movie Madness

Cari Meister i Heather Burns