Humorous stories (Children's / Teenage)

The Bolds

Julian Clary i David Roberts

Magnificent Mabel and the Rabbit Riot

Ruth Quayle i Julia Christians

Mr Gum and the Power Crystals

Andy Stanton i David Tazzyman

The Midnight Gang

David Walliams i Tony Ross


Noelle Stevenson

The World's Worst Teachers

David Walliams i Tony Ross

The Cool Bean

Jory John i Pete Oswald

The Children Who Smelled a Rat

Allan Ahlberg i Katharine McEwen

The Twits

Roald Dahl i Quentin Blake

Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies

Pamela Butchart i Thomas Flintham


David Walliams i Tony Ross

The Boy in the Dress

David Walliams i Quentin Blake

Diary of an Accidental Witch

Honor and Perdita Cargill i Katie Saunders

Android in The Attic

Nicholas Allan

The Catsup High Detective Agency

Margaret Ryan i Vicky Barker