Family & home stories (Children's / Teenage)

The ABC's of Going Green

Jill Dunn i Bodhi Hilll

The Skipping Stone

Kelly Lenihan, Oona Risling-Sholl, et al.

The Smile

Michelle Magorian i Sam Usher

Desert Rice

Angela Scott

Water in May

Ismee Williams

The Carousel

Penelope Dyan

Saplings and Sisters

Sandra H Miller

The Night Sky

Lawrie-Lee Trevena

Juma and Little Sungura: The Tanzania Juma Stories

Lisa Maria Burgess i Abdul M Gugu

Casey KC

Chris Kreie

Lennie's Pennies

Kelsey Garrett i Joe Kopler

A Forever Family for a Little Elephant

Brenda Haydee i Marcela Corral

One Little Egg

Kimberly F Demeo

You Are a Shining Star

Latesha Weekes

My Friend the Wind

Bessie T Wilkerson

Did You Know My Mom is Awesome?

Shelley Admont i Kidkiddos Books