Family & home stories (Children's / Teenage)

Yasmin the Singer

Saadia Faruqi i Hatem Aly

It's a Dog's Life

Michael Morpurgo

The Longest Whale Song

Jacqueline Wilson i Nick Sharratt

The No. 1 Car Spotter and the Broken Road

Atinuke i Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Under the Bed

Anne Fine

Magnificent Mabel and the Magic Caterpillar

Ruth Quayle i Julia Christians

Beverly, Right Here

Kate DiCamillo


Darren Simpson

Word Nerd

Susin Nielsen

Not If I Can Help It

Carolyn Mackler

The Shark and the Scar

Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

Call It What You Want

Brigid Kemmerer

All You Need is Love

Emma Chichester Clark


Siobhan Parkinson i Carol Betera

Silence is Goldfish

Annabel Pitcher

Counting by 7s

Holly Goldberg Sloan

The Secret Deep

Lindsay Galvin

Invisible Girl

Kate Maryon