Early learning: first experiences

Bear and Mouse Birthday Party

Nicola Edwards i Maria Neradova


Jess Stockham

With a Little Help from My Friends

Paul McCartney, John Lennon, et al.

First Day at Nursery School - Tim's Tips

Chiara Piroddi i Funny Books

It's My Turn: Dealing with Feelings

Nicola Call i Sally Featherstone

I Love to Keep My Room Clean: Romanian Edition

Shelley Admont i S a Publishing


Harriet Evans

Monsters go Swimming

Zanna Davidson i Melanie Williamson

Can't Do It

Nelly Buchet i Paulina Morgan

Don't Tickle the Polar Bear!

Anne Civardi i Stephen Cartwright

When Mummy Goes to Work

Paul Schofield i Anna Terreros-Martin


Jess Stockham

My Busy Day

Claire Hibbert

My Busy Year

Claire Hibbert

Songbirds: Me (Book + CD): Songs for 4-7 Year Olds

Ana Sanderson, Dee Shulman, et al.

My New Friend

Jillian Powell

Archie's First Day

Tammy Hateley i Archie Smith