Places & peoples: general & pictorial works

All The Devils Are Here

David Seabrook

The London Noisy Bus

Marion Billet

London Postcards

Jason Brooks

The Cities Book

Lonely Planet

Enfield: 1950-1980

Jack M Malley i James M Malley


Ellen Weis

Moments of Mindfulness: The Wisdom of Asia

Olivier Foellmi i Danielle Follmi

Bali Undercover

Malcolm Scott

Provincetown Perspectives

Arthur P. Richmond

Rome: Panorama Pops

Kristyna Litten

Wichita: 1860-1930

Professor of History Jay M (Wichita State University) Price

Thisilum Neela Poppiyum

Shyla C George

Boston: A Keepsake

Arthur P. Richmond

New York: A Mod Portrait of the City

Zdenek Mahler i Vladimfr Fuka

France: An Illustrated Miscellany

Denis Tillinac i Jean-Claude Simoen

Authentic Texas: People of the Big Bend

Marcia Hatfield Daudistel i Bill Wright