Information technology: general issues

Your Computer Is on Fire

Thomas S. Mullaney i Benjamin Peters

Redesigning AI

Daron Acemoglu

OAuth 2.0 Simplified

Aaron Parecki

How Humans Judge Machines

Cesar A. Hidalgo i Diana Orghiain

Multispectral Image Fusion

Israa Amro i Javier Mateos

E-Course Management

Kauli Robert


J.E. Franks-Belgrave

Serviceorientierte mobile Gesundheitsversorgung

Anatoly Petrenko i Oleksiy Petrenko

Assistenza sanitaria mobile orientata ai servizi

Oleksiy Petrenko i Anatoly Petrenko

Enterprise Web-based Computing with Java

Vishwajit Barbuddhe, Shraddha N Zanjat, et al.

A Generalized Architecture for Linear Transform

Sanyal Atri, Sinha Amitabha, et al.