Technology, engineering, agriculture

Molecular Bioelectronics

Italy) Nicolini Claudio (Univ Of Genova

Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems

Soteris A. (Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Sciences and Engineeringof the Cyprus University

Electricity Generation Using Wind Power

Uk) Zhang Li (Univ Of Leeds i Uk) Shepherd William (Univ Of Bradford

Solid Waste Recycling and Processing: Planning of Solid Waste...

Inc) Rogoff Marc J. (Geosyntec Consultants

Building Materials

S.K. Duggal

The Original Design of Power Supplies

A P Kashkarov i A S Koldunov

Lees' Process Safety Essentials: Hazard Identification,...

USA) Ma College Station Texas A&M University Department of Chemical Engineering Sam (Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center

Linear Programming for Beginners

Doris Lloyd (Kansas State University) Grosh