Applied optics

Computer Design of Diffractive Optics

Russia) Soifer V A (Russian Academy of Sciences

Fundamentals Of Laser Optoelectronics

Canada) Chin See Leang (Laval Univ

Image Fusion: Algorithms and Applications

London) Stathaki Tania (Imperial College

Fiber Optic Essentials

Carolyn J. Sher (Consultant) DeCusatis i IBM Corporation) DeCusatis Casimer (Distinguished Engineer

Dispersion Engineering for Integrated Nanophotonics

Olivier Vanbesien i Emmanuel Centeno

Introduction to Optical Engineering

Xiangyang (University of New Orleans) Yang i Francis T. S. (Pennsylvania State University) Yu

Path Routing in Mesh Optical Networks

Georgios Ellinas, Eric Bouillet, et al.

Optical Technology

Gunter Grafe, Rupert Hector, et al.