Fire protection & safety

Legal Terminology

Kent Kauffman i Gordon Brown

Active Experiences for Active Children: Science

Carol Seefeldt, Alice Galper, et al.

Fire Fighting Pumping Systems at Industrial Facilities

Saudi Aramco) Nolan Dennis P. (Loss Prevention Consultant and Chief Fire Prevention Engineer

Fireman Coloring Book

Speedy Publishing LLC

Sistemas de abastecimiento de agua contra incendios

Miguel Ángel López Correa

24,95 €
23,70 €

Developing Firefighter Resiliency

Bob Carpenter, Dave Gillespie, et al.

Investigating the Fireground

Calvin Phillips i David McFadden

Risk Analysis in Building Fire Safety Engineering

United States) Beck V.R. (University of Pennsylvania (Emeritus), I.D. Bennetts, et al.

Structural Fire Engineering

Venkatesh Kodur i Mohannad Naser