Microwave technology

Microwave Electronics

Giovanni (Politecnico di Torino) Ghione i Marco (Politecnico di Torino) Pirola

RF and Microwave Electromagnetism

Pierre Jarry i Jacques N. Beneat

Classic Works in RF Engineering

John L. B. Walker i Daniel P. Myer

The Design of Modern Microwave Oscillators for Wireless...

Ulrich L. Rohde, Ajay K. Poddar, et al.

MICROWAVE RADIO Handy Reference Guide

Trevor Manning i Sylvester Singarayer

Thz Identification For Defense And Security Purposes:...

Usa) Sokolnikov Visual Solutions & Applications Andre U (President

Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Sensors

Zujie Fang, Haiwen Cai, et al.

Structured Cabling Systems

A B Semenov, S K Strizhakov, et al.