Energy conversion & storage

Next-generation Batteries with Sulfur Cathodes

Poland) Sicze Lodz University of Technology Department of Vehicles and Fundamentals of Machine Design Krzysztof Jan (Lecturer

Composite Membranes for Advanced Applications in DMFC and...

Sergio Romana Molla, Andrio Andreu Balado, et al.

Solar Energy Storage

NOVATOR Advanced Tec Denmark; Independent Consultant Roskilde University Department of People and Technology Bent (Professor

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology: Principles, Performance and...

Inc) Huang K (Siemens Energy i USA) Goodenough J B (University of Texas at Austin

Introduction to Transfer Phenomena in PEM Fuel Cells

Bilal (University of Khemis Miliana in Algeria) Abderezzak

Foundations of Pulsed Power Technology

Pralhad Ron i Janet Lehr

Battery Management Systems and Applications

Xiaojun Tan i Andrea Vezzini

Dynamic Modeling and Predictive Control in Solid Oxide Fuel...

A. K. M. Monjur Murshed, Biao Huang, et al.

Multi-scale Modeling of Batteries and Supercapacitors

Alejandro Franco, Mathieu Salanne, et al.

High-Power Converters and AC Drives

Mehdi Narimani i Bin Wu

Electrochemical Energy Storage

Jean-Marie Tarascon i Patrice Simon

New Chemistries: Beyond Li-ion

Jean-Marie Tarascon, Philippe Barboux, et al.

Energy Storage in Electric Power Grids

Benoit Robyns, Bruno Francois, et al.

Modular Electricity Storage: Benefits & Costs

Brent N Mendell i Lisa P Brunwick