Nuclear power & engineering


Tks Murthy

Goal Oriented Methodology and Applications in Nuclear Power...

Beijing Institute of Technology) Hui-Na Mu (Assistant Professor, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science in Chinese Academy of Sciences) Xiao-Jian Yi (Associate Professor, et al.

Fault Tree Handbook (Nureg-0492)

U S Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Nuclear Power Plant Safety and Mechanical Integrity: Design...

U Texas Cleburne Ramiz (ASME III (Nuclear) Working Group Piping Design and ASME (Nuclear) Operation and Maintenance Committee i USA) Antaki South Carolina Aiken Becht Nuclear Services George (Chief Engineer

Principles of Nuclear Rocket Propulsion

USA) Emrich AL Huntsville NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center William J. (Senior Engineer Jr.

Modelling of Nuclear Reactor Multi-physics: From Local...

Sweden) Demaziere Christophe (Chalmers University of Technology

Elementos de energía nuclear


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Fusión y fisión nuclear


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