Gas technology

Gas Wettability of Reservoir Rock Surfaces with Porous Media

China) Jiang Beijing China University of Petroleum College of Petroleum Engineering Guancheng (Level II Professor

Reservoir Simulations: Machine Learning and Modeling

Saudi Arabia) Sun Shuyu (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Thuwal i Saudi Arabia) Zhang Thuwal Tao (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Hydraulic Fracture Modeling

Colorado Golden Colorado School of Mines Department of Petroleum Engineering Yu-Shu (Professor and Reservoir Modeling Chair

Gas Injection for Disposal and Enhanced Recovery

Ying Wu, John J. Carroll, et al.

Hydraulic Rig Technology and Operations

USA) Skinner Texas Les (Independent Consultant

Rethinking Bhopal: A Definitive Guide to Investigating,...

Kenneth (Senior HES Professional) Bloch

Sustainable Hydrogen Production

Canada) Dinc Ontario University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Ibrahim (Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science i University of Ontario Ins Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Calin (Senior research associate and Sessional instructor

Intelligent Digital Oil and Gas Fields: Concepts,...

CO) Cullick Denver Rare Petro Technologies Inc. Stan (CEO Greenway Energy Transformations LLC and Engineering Advisor, TX USA) Carvajal Houston Gustavo (Sr. Reservoir Engineer at BP America, et al.

Transport in Shale Reservoirs

South Korea) Kim Seoul Hanyang University Tae Hong (Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering i South Korea) Lee Hanyang University Department of Earth Resources and Environmental Engineering Kun Sang (Professor

Natural Gas Processing: Technology and Engineering Design

Austra NSW Lismore Southern Cross University and Engineering Science School of Environment Alireza (Research Staff Member

Natural Gas Hydrates: A Guide for Engineers

Canada) Carroll Calgary Geostorage Processing Engineering for Gas Liquids Engineering John (Director



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Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconventional Reservoirs: Theories,...

USA) Belyadi West Virginia Morgantown LLC Fatemeh (Founder and CEO of Integrated Smart Data Solutions, USA) Belyadi PA LLC Obsertelligence Hoss (Founder and CEO, et al.