Production engineering

Best Matching Theory & Applications

Mohsen Moghaddam i Shimon Y. Nof

Beitrag Zur Berechnung Von Vorgangen Der Blechumformung Mit...

Germany) Herrmann Martin (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Entrepreneurship for Engineers

USA) Uchino University Park Kenji (The Pennsylvania State University

Nonsmooth and Discontinuous Problems of Control and...

Russia) Batukhtin Chelyabinsk V.D. (Chelyabinsk State University, Belarus) Kirillova Minsk National Academy of Sciences of Belarus F.M. (Institute of Mathematics, et al.

Quality Recognition & Prediction

Yoshiko Hasegawa, Kazuo Tatebayashi, et al.

Soldering in Electronics Assembly

part of the Cooks Director of Marketing Europe for Electrovert MIKE (MD of Mike Judd Marketing and former MD of Electrovert UK i UK) Brindley Leicestershire Keith (Electronics and computing writer

CNC Handbook

Hans Kief i Helmut Roschiwal