Other manufacturing technologies

Just-in-Time for Operators

Productivity Press Development Team

Introduction to Microsystem Packaging Technology

Yufeng (Peking University) Jin, Zhiping Wang, et al.

Pull Production for the Shopfloor

Productivity Press Development Team

Reflow Soldering: Apparatus and Heat Transfer Processes

Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Krammer Oliver (Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics) Geczy Attila (Ph.D. Degree in Electrical Engineering, et al.

Encapsulation Technologies for Electronic Applications

Mechanical Engineering and Materia USA and visiting scholar University of Houston Haleh (Department of Mechanical Engineering, USA) Zhang CA San Diego Qualcomm Jiawei (Staff Engineer, et al.

Power Electronics Applied to Industrial Systems and...

France) Patin Compiegne University of Technology Nicolas (Associate Professor

Mechanical Assemblies:: Their Design, Manufacture, and Role...

MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems Division) Whitney Daniel (Senior Research Scientist

Hartland Horsemen

Gail Fitch