Industrial chemistry & manufacturing technologies

Manufacturing Excellence

F. Paul Clipp III

On-Line Fault Detection and Supervision in the Chemical...

USA) Dhurjati Newark University of Delaware P.S. (Department of Chemical Engineering i France) Cauvin Sylvie (IFP (Institut Francais du Petrol)

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

A. R. (Consulting engineer) Trott i T C (South Bank University) Welch

"Production Ergonomics

Caroline Adams i Cecilia Berlin

Refino de petr贸leo. Tecnolog铆a y econom铆a

J. H. Gary i G. E. Handwerk

40,53 鈧

Tecnolog铆a de los esmaltes

L. Vielhaber

18,10 鈧
17,20 鈧