Human geography

Entropy in Urban and Regional Modelling

UK) Wilson Alan (University College London

The Global Health Care Chain: From the Pacific to the World

Australia) Connell John (The University of Sydney

Basic GIS Coordinates

Jan Van Sickle

Linked Data: A Geographic Perspective

UK) Hart Glen (Ordnance Survey i UK) Dolbear Catherine (Oxford University Press



8,40 €

Cambio climatico y pueblos indigenas. Comarca Guna Yala....

Carmelo Roberto A.;Garnica Betrán Luis;González Lezcano Juan Manuel;Irastorza Ruigómez Ros García

16,74 €

AP Human Geography: with 2 Practice Tests

Ph.D. Marsh Meredith i Peter S. Alagona

The Geography of Names: Indigenous to post-foundational

UK) Eades Gwilym Lucas (Royal Holloway University

Nomadic and Indigenous Spaces: Productions and Cognitions

Joachim Otto Habeck, Nuccio Mazzullo, et al.