Meteorology & climatology

Climate Process and Change

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The Global Climate System: Patterns, Processes, and...

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Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar: Principles and Applications

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The Weather of Britain

Robin Stirling

Engineering Weather Data

Michael Kjelgaard

Geo-Engineering Climate Change: Environmental Necessity or...

J. Michael T. (University of Cambridge) Thompson

Simulations Of Tropical Cyclone In Regional Climate Models

China) Zhong Zhong (National Univ Of Defense Technology i China) Sun Yuan (Univ Of Defense Technology(nudt)

Radar Meteorology: A First Course

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Land Use and the Causes of Global Warming

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Climates of the Southern Continents: Present, Past and Future

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Highlights in Helioclimatology: Cosmophysical Influences on...

Mexico) Perez-Peraza Jorge A. (Instituto de Geofisica of Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico i Russia) Libin Moscow Igor Y. (International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting

Statistical Analyses of Ozone Temporal Trends - An...

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