Microbiology (non-medical)

Fundamental Processes in Ecology: An Earth Systems Approach

UK) Wilkinson Liverpool John Moores University David M. (School of Biological and Earth Sciences

Functional Diversity of Mycorrhiza and Sustainable...

Canada) Goss Ontario Guelph University of Guelph Michael J. (School of Environmental Sciences, Portugal) Carvalho Evora University of Evora Mario (Institute of Mediterranean Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, et al.

Antimicrobial Resistance: A Cause for Global Concern

Rubina Lawrence, Ebenezer Jeyakumar, et al.

Limnoecology: The Ecology of Lakes and Streams

Germany) Lampert Ploen Winfried (Max Planck Institute for Limnology i Germany.) Sommer Ulrich (Leibniz-Insititut of Marine Sciences at Kiel University

Novel Molecular Approaches to Target Microbial Virulence

Alina Maria Holban i Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu

Staphylococcus Aureus Nasal Carriers and Food Contamination

Abdul Mutalib Noor Azira, Osman Malina, et al.

Spread of Some Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases

Al-Muhannak Fadhil Hussain Nasir

Text Book of Microbiology

Dr Bhanu Shrivastava

Qualidade de Saladas Prontas Para O Consumo

Piccoli Roberta H, Rodrigues Luis Jose, et al.