Applied physics

Karst y cuevas

Eulogio Pardo Igúzquiza, Pedro A. Robledo Arcilla, et al.

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Engineering Physics

Uma Mukherji


Andrew Stott

Fast Car Physics

Chuck Edmondson

Principles of Engineering Physics 1

Md Nazoor Khan i Simanchala Panigrahi

Stable Gas-in-Liquid Emulsions: Production in Natural Waters...

U.S.A.) D'Arrigo Connecticut Inc. Joseph (Cavitation-Control Technology

Long Lived States In Collisions

Slobodan Danko Bosanac

Amorphous Magnetism

Takahito Kaneyoshi

Schnellaufende Dieselmaschinen: Beschreibungen, Erfahrungen,...

Heinrich Strombeck, Ludwig Ebermann, et al.

An Introduction to Organic Lasers

France) Boudrioua University of Paris 13 Azzedine (Azzedine Boudrioua, France) Chakaroun University of Paris 13 Mahmoud (Mahmoud Chakaroun, et al.

Electromagnetic Analysis Using Transmission Line Variables...

Usa) Weiner New Jersey Maurice (United Silicon Carbide

The Molecular Theory of Gases and Liquids

Charles F. Curtiss, R. Byron Bird, et al.