Applied physics

Graphene Quantum Dots

Alev Devrim Guclu, Pawel Potasz, et al.

Micromechanisms of Friction and Wear: Introduction to...

Leonid Pinchuk, Dmitrij Lyubimov, et al.

Basic and Applied Physics: Recent Advances

Ramesh Chandra Tiwari i Zaithanzauva Pachuau

Travelling Waves And Periodic Oscillations In...

Usa) Pankov Alexander (Morgan State Univ

Photographic Sensitivity: Theory and Mechanisms

Fuji Photo Film Company) Tani Ashigara Research Laboratories Department Manager Tadaaki (Department Manager

Designing Transistor I.F. Amplifiers

Wilhelmus Th. H. Hetterscheid

Special Relativity

A. P. French

The Critical Examination of X-Ray Generating Equipment in...

Christopher Wood, Peter Howells, et al.

An Introduction to Ultrasonic Motors

Shinsei Industries) Sashida Toshiiku (Managing Director i Department of Electrical Engineering Professor Department of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics Takashi (Professor

Computational Mechanics - New Frontiers for the New Millennium

Australia) Sydney New South Wales 2052 The University of New South Wales Prof. (School of Civil and Environmental Engineering i Australia) New South Wales 2052 Sydney School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Prof. N. (University of New South Wales

Optik, Licht Und Laser

Dieter Meschede

Karate Science: Dynamic Movement

J. D. Swanson i Sam Nigro