Nuclear physics

Advances in Nuclear Physics

Erich Vogt i Michel Baranger

Nuclear Reactor Physics

Weston M. Stacey

Longitudinal Magnetic Field in WKB Method in Nanostructure...

Sudipta Saha, Dr Sujaul Chowdhury, et al.

Problems and Solutions in Nuclear Physics

Dr Alabed Mouaiyad i Dr Mouaiyad M S Alabed

Small Ionization Chamber

Ary De Araujo Rodrigues Junior

Nuclear Scattering

K. B. Mather i P. Swan

Hadrons and Quark-Gluon Plasma

Jean (Universite de Paris VII (Denis Diderot)) Letessier i Johann (University of Arizona) Rafelski

Beyond Conventional Quantization

John R. (University of Florida) Klauder

The Elusive Neutrino

Professor of Physics Jeremy (Stevens Institute of Technology) Bernstein

Oscillatory transmission through non-tunneling regime of...

Dr Sujaul Chowdhury i Chaion Chandra Sarker

Luminiscencia en materiales naturales y sinteticos

Virgilio Correcher, Teodoro Rivera, et al.