Optical physics

Photonic Glasses

China) Gan Chinese Academy Of Sciences Fuxi (Shanghai Inst Of Optics & Fine Mechanics i China) Xu Lei (Fudan Univ

Non-Linear Pulses in Integrated and Waveguide Optics

Central Design Bureau for Unique Instrumentation Professor Central Design Bureau for Unique Instrumentation A. B. (Professor

Nonlinear Optics and Quantum Electronics

MAX SCHUBERT i Bernd Wilhelmi

The Ray and Wave Theory of Lenses

Massachusetts) Walther A. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices

University of Edinburgh) Born late Nobel Laureate Max (late Nobel Laureate i Beijing University) Huang Professor Kun (Professor

Optical Radiation Detectors

E. L. Dereniak i Devon G. Crowe

Lectures on Light: Nonlinear and Quantum Optics using the...

USA) Rand University of Michigan Director for Dynamic Magneto-optics Stephen C. (Director for Dynamic Magneto-optics

Handbook of Optical Constants of Solids

U.S.A.) Palik College Park Edward D. (University of Maryland

Controlling Steady-state And Dynamical Properties Of Atomic...

Usa) Joshi Amitabh (Eastern Illinois Univ i Usa) Xiao Min (Univ Of Arkansas