Cosmology & the universe

Cosmology: The Origin and Evolution of Cosmic Structure

Prof Peter Coles i Francesco Lucchin

The Casimir Effect and Its Applications

St Petersburg) Trunov N. N. (D.I. Mendeleev Scientific Research Institute for Metrology i St Petersburg State Technological Institute) Mostepanenko Professor V. M. (Professor

Time, Space, Stars And Man: The Story Of The Big Bang

Uk) Woolfson Michael Mark (Univ Of York

Neutrino Cosmology

Gennaro (Universita degli Studi di Napoli 'Federico II') Miele, Sergio Pastor, et al.

Storms in Space

Houston) Freeman John W. (Rice University

Semiclassical and Stochastic Gravity: Quantum Field Effects...

Enric (Universitat de Barcelona) Verdaguer i College Park) Hu Bei-Lok B. (University of Maryland

Explora el Universo y los Planetas


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