Cosmology & the universe

Time, Space, Stars And Man: The Story Of The Big Bang

Uk) Woolfson Michael Mark (Univ Of York

The Casimir Effect and Its Applications

St Petersburg State Technological Institute) Mostepanenko Professor V. M. (Professor i St Petersburg) Trunov N. N. (D.I. Mendeleev Scientific Research Institute for Metrology

Is the Universe Open or Closed?: The Density of Matter in the...

Peter (Queen Mary University of London) Coles i George (University of Cape Town) Ellis

Hubble Deep Field and the Distant Universe

University of California-Santa Cruz) Williams Emeritus Professor Robert (STScI Astronomer

Cosmology With Matlab: With Companion Media Pack

Usa) Green Daniel (Fermi Nat'l Accelerator Lab

An Introduction to General Relativity and Cosmology

Mexico) Plebanski Jerzy (Instituto Politecnico Nacional i Andrzej (Polish Academy of Sciences) Krasinski

Intelligible Universe, The: An Overview Of The Last Thirteen...

Spain) Gonzalo Spain & Univ Autonoma De Madrid Julio A (Univ San Pablo-ceu De Madrid

Foundations of Modern Cosmology

USA.) Holcomb Katherine A. (University of Virginia i USA.) Hawley University of Virginia John F. (Department of Astronomy

The Problems of Physics

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Leggett Anthony (Macarthur Professor and Professor of Physics

Dark Matter, Neutrinos, And Our Solar System

Usa) Prakash Nirmala (Formerly Of Massachusetts Inst Of Technology

The System of the Stars

Agnes Mary Clerke

Exact Space-Times in Einstein's General Relativity

Loughborough University) Griffiths Jerry B. (Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics i Prague) Podolsky Jiri (Charles University

The Unfinished Universe

Louise B. Young

Genesis of the Big Bang

Austin (Emeritus)) Herman University of Texas Professor of Civil Engineering Robert (Professor of Civil Engineering i USA) Alpher Union College Distinguished Professor of Physics Ralph A. (Distinguished Professor of Physics

Storms in Space

Houston) Freeman John W. (Rice University