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Fate Of Schrodinger's Cat, The: Using Math And Computers To...

Usa) Stein Long Beach James D (California State Univ

Number Freaking

Gary Rimmer

Coloring Book of Complex Function Representations

Julie Barnes, William Kreahling, et al.

Pleasures Of Pi, E And Other Interesting Numbers, The

Uk) Yeo Cambridge Univ Christ's College Cambridge Univ; Honorary Fellow Ph.d. Adrian Ning Hong (M.a.

La revolución cuántica de Max Planck


15,00 €

Central European Olympiad, A: The Mathematical Duel

Czech Republic) Svrcek Jaroslav (Palacky Univ Olomouc, Austria) Geretschlager Graz Robert (Academic High School, et al.

Problems For Metagrobologists: A Collection Of Puzzles With...

Uk) Singmaster David (Univ College London