Industrial applications of scientific research & technological innovation

Managing Process Innovation: From Idea Generation To...

Sweden) Lager Thomas (Malardalen Univ

The Electrical Nature of Storms

Donald R. (Physical Scientist) MacGorman i Storm Electricity and Cloud Physics Research Gro Manager Storm Electricity and Cloud Physics Research Group W. David (Manager

5G+: How 5G Change the Society

Xiaoyun Wang, Tongxu Zhang, et al.

Phosphorus: The Carbon Copy: From Organophosphorus to...

Francois Mathey, Keith B. Dillon, et al.

Getting the Message: A History of Communications, Second Edition

Laszlo (Emeritus Professor of Applied Electromagnetism at the University of Oxford and Visiting Professor and Senior Research Fe

Understanding Injection Molds

Harry Pruner i Wolfgang Nesch

Chemical Engineering Explained: Basic Concepts for Novices

Australia) Shallcross David (University of Melbourne

Smart Cities: Introducing Digital Innovation to Cities

Oliver Gassmann, Jonas Boehm, et al.