Applied mathematics

The Classical Stefan Problem: Basic Concepts, Modelling and...

India) Gupta Bangalore Indian Institute of Science Department of Mathematics S.C. (Professor (Retired)

Mastering Technical Mathematics, Third Edition

Stan Gibilisco i Norman Crowhurst

Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Guided Waves

Songling Huang, Shen Wang, et al.

Parallel Optimization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

University of Haifa) Censor Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Yair (Professor i University School of Economics and Management Dean Professor School of Economics and Management Dean Stavros A. (Professor

Introduction to Thermodynamics of Mechanical Fatigue

Michael M. Khonsari i USA) Amiri Mehdi (Louisiana State University

Fluid Dynamics: Part 2: Asymptotic Problems of Fluid Dynamics

Imperial College London) Ruban Department of Mathematics Professor Anatoly I. (Professor

Numerical Methods For Elliptic Problems With Singularities:...

Montreal) Li Zi-cai (Concordia Univ. & Crim

Physics Of Dendrites: Computational Experiments

Germany) Galenko Peter K (Fridrich-schiller-univ-jena i Russia) Zhuravlev Vitaliy A (Udmurt State Univ