Calculus & mathematical analysis

Mobius Invariant QK Spaces

Kehe Zhu i Hasi Wulan

Problems And Solutions In Introductory And Advanced Matrix...

South Africa) Hardy Johannesburg Yorick (Univ Of The Witwatersrand i South Africa) Steeb Willi-hans (Univ Of Johannesburg

Measure Theory and Filtering: Introduction and Applications

Oman) Aggoun Lakhdar (Sultan Qaboos University i Robert J. (University of Calgary) Elliott

Matrix Theory

Ireland) Lewis David (Univ College Dublin

Mathematical Aspects Of Weyl Quantization And Phase

Uk) Dubin Daniel Abrom (The Open Univ, Uk) Hennings M A (Cambridge Univ, et al.

Factor Analysis in Chemistry

Edmund R. Malinowski

Beweis der Kettenregel

Anne Udelhoven

A Primer on Wavelets and Their Scientific Applications

USA) Walker Eau Claire James S. (University of Wisconsin

Fundamentals of Grid Generation

Stanley (University of New Mexico) Steinberg

Analysis II

Matthias Hieber

Elements of Advanced Mathematical Analysis for Physics and...

Filippo Gazzola, Maurizio Zanotti, et al.

Complex Variables for Scientists and Engineers: An Introduction

Los Angeles) Norton University of California Richard (Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dynamic Systems And Control With Applications

Canada) Ahmed Nasir Uddin (Univ Of Ottawa

Higher Calculus

F. A. Gerard i Frank Bowman