Mathematical logic

Logic For Dummies

Mark Zegarelli

An Invitation to Applied Category Theory: Seven Sketches in...

Brendan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Fong i David I. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Spivak

Essential Logic for Computer Science

Ruben Gamboa i University of Oklahoma) Page Rex

Fuzzy Automata and Languages: Theory and Applications

John N. Mordeson i Davender S. Malik

Theories of Computability

Vancouver) Pippenger Nicholas (University of British Columbia

Many-Valued Logics

University of Lodz) Malinowski Head of Department of Logic Grzegorz (Head of Department of Logic

Domains and Lambda-Calculi

Roberto M. (Universite de Provence) Amadio i Paris) Curien Pierre-Louis (Ecole Normale Superieure

Twenty Five Years of Constructive Type Theory

Chalmers University of Technolog Department of Computing Science Professor Department of Computing Science Jan M. (Professor i University of Padua) Sambin Professor of Mathematical Logic Giovanni (Professor of Mathematical Logic