Mathematical logic

Classical and Fuzzy Concepts in Mathematical Logic and...

Mircea S. Reghis i Eugene (York University) Roventa

Logic Colloquium 2005

Poland) Newelski Ludomir (Uniwersytet Wroclawski, Dag (Universitetet i Oslo) Normann, et al.

Proof-theoretic Semantics

Haifa) Francez Dr Nissim (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Theory of Uniform Approximation of Functions by Polynomials

Igor A. Shevchuk i Vladislav K. Dzyadyk

Stable Groups

F. (University of Oxford) Wagner

Fuzzy Logic For Beginners

Japan) Mukaidono Masao (Meiji Univ

Tame Topology and O-minimal Structures

Urbana-Champaign) Dries L. P. D. van den (University of Illinois