Mathematical logic

Reasoning and Formal Logic

Richard L Epstein

Labelled Deductive Systems: Volume 1

London) Gabbay Imperial College Department of Computing Professor Department of Computing Dov M. (Professor

Set Theory

New Jersey) Hajnal Andras (Rutgers University i Indiana) Hamburger Peter (Purdue University

Super-Real Fields: Totally Ordered Fields with Additional...

Berkeley) Woodin University of California Professor of Mathematics W. Hugh (Professor of Mathematics i University of Leeds) Dales Proessor of Pure Mathematics H. Garth (Proessor of Pure Mathematics

Analysis and Logic

Urbana-Champaign) Henson C. Ward (University of Illinois, San Antonio) Iovino Jose (University of Texas Health Science Center, et al.

Elements of Set Theory

U.S.A.) Enderton Los Angeles Herbert B. (University of California

Handbook of Logic in Artificial Intelligence and Logic...

Technology and Medicine) Gabbay Imperial College of Science Professor of Computing Dov M. (Professor of Computing, Technology and Medicine) Hogger Imperial College of Science Department of Computing C. J. (Department of Computing, et al.

Algorithmic Information Theory

Gregory. J. Chaitin

Groups of Finite Morley Rank

University of California at Irvine) Nesin Associate Professor of Mathematics Ali (Associate Professor of Mathematics i University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) Borov Lecturer in Mathematics Alexandre (Lecturer in Mathematics

Categories for Types

London) Crole Technology and Medicine Roy L. (Imperial College of Science

Notes On Forcing Axioms

Canada) Todorcevic Stevo (Univ Of Toronto

Aggregation Functions

Michel (Universite de Paris I) Grabisch, Jean-Luc (Universite du Luxembourg) Marichal, et al.

Abstract Recursion and Intrinsic Complexity

Los Angeles) Moschovakis Yiannis N. (University of California