Veterinary medicine: large animals (domestic / farm)

Pig Ailments

Mark White

Principales retos en avicultura. Influenza aviar

CINTIA HIROMI OKINO, Muhammad Munir, et al.

35,00 鈧

Good practices for the feed sector: implementing the codex...

Angela Pellegrino Missaglia, Annamaria Bruno, et al.

Current Therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology

Robert S. Youngquist i Walter R. Threlfall

Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Horse

Ronald D. Tyler i Rick L. Cowell

Principles of Cattle Production

Australia) Phillips Clive Institute

Anatomy of the Horse

Clarice Workman

Lumpy Skin Disease

Eeva S. M. Tuppurainen, Shawn Babiuk, et al.

Four-Seasons Organic Cow Care

Hubert J. Karreman

Horse Structure and Movement

Peter Gray, Reginald H. Smythe, et al.