Audiology & otology

Acoustic Immittance Measures in Clinical Audiology: A Primer

WI) Wiley Madison Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Terry (Dept. of Communicative Disorders i WI) Fowler Madison Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison Cynthia (Dept. of Communicative Disorders

Objective Assessment of Hearing

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The Ear Book: A Complete Guide to Ear Disorders and Health

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine) Balkany Thomas J. (Hotchkiss Professor and Chairman Emeritus i University of North Carolina) Brown Kevin D. (Associate Professor

Hearing Assistive and Access Technology

Laura K. Smith-Olinde, Samuel R. Atcherson, et al.

The Thought Propels the Sound

Janet Madelle Feindel

Strategic Practice Management

Robert G. Glaser i Robert M. Traynor