Land & real estate law

Historic Preservation Law

Sara C. Bronin i J. Peter Byrne

Scottish Land Law

Scott Wortley i Professor William M Gordon

Trusts and Estates

Jeffrey Evans Stake

Commonwealth Caribbean Property Law

Jamaica) Kodilinye Mona Campus Gilbert (University of the West Indies

Selected Statutes on Trusts and Estates, 2021

Mark L. Ascher i Grayson M.P. McCouch

Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law

Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, Thomas E. Roberts, et al.

Land Law: A Problem-Based Approach

Rebecca Kelly i Emma Hatfield

Wills, Trusts, and Estates: An Integrated Approach

Bridget J. Crawford, Danaya C. Wright, et al.

Evictions in Scotland

Adrian Stalker

The Principles of Land Law

University of Cambridge) Lees Lecturer in Environmental and Property Law Emma (Lecturer in Environmental and Property Law

Trusts and Estates

Melanie Leslie i Stewart Sterk

Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development: Cases and...

Ann M. Burkhart, R. Wilson Freyermuth, et al.

Textbook on Land Law

member of the Government Legal Service and a Senior Civil Servant at the Departmen Judith-Anne (Formerly a practising Barrister i University of Oxford) Nair Associate Professor of Law Aruna (Associate Professor of Law

Unlocking Land Law

Judith Bray