Private international law & conflict of laws

Conflict of Laws Within the UK

Kirsty J (Advocate at the Scottish Bar) Hood

Offshore Financial Law: Trusts and Related Tax Issues

The University of the West Indies) Antoine Rose-Marie (Professor of Labor Law and Offshore Financial Law

Intellectual Property and Private International Law

University of Nottingham) Fawcett James J. (Professor of International Commercial Law i University of Nottingham) Torremans Paul (Professor of Intellectual Property Law

Secured Credit in Europe: From Conflicts to Compatibility

Teemu (University of Turku) Juutilainen

The Enforcement of Judgments in Europe

University of Keele) Kennett Lecturer in Law Wendy (Lecturer in Law

The European Private International Law of Employment

Ugljesa (University of Nottingham) Grusic

Cheshire, North & Fawcett: Private International Law

Newcastle University) Tang Chair in Law and Commerce Zheng Sophia (Chair in Law and Commerce, University College London) Grusic Lecturer Ugljesa (Lecturer, et al.