International environmental law

International Courts and Environmental Protection

Tim (University of Sydney) Stephens

International Management of Hazardous Wastes: The Basel...

Political Directorate of the Swiss Fe Environmental Affairs Head of Section Environmental Affairs Katharina (Head of Section

Post-Treaty Politics: Secretariat Influence in Global...

Santa Cruz) Jinnah University of California Sikina (Associate Professor

Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection

British Institute for International and Comparative Law) Anderson Director of Studies Michael R. (Director of Studies i University of Edinburgh) Boyle Professor of International Law Alan E. (Professor of International Law

Shipbreaking in Developing Countries: A Requiem for...

Australia) Karim Md Saiful (Queensland University of Technology

Environmental Law & Compliance Methods

LLP) Shea Edward (Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf

Environmental Law and Regulation

University of Warwick) McEldowney Professor of Law John F. (Professor of Law i University of Westminster Senior Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology Sharron (Senior Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology