Law & society

Enemies of the People?: How Judges Shape Society

Joshua (Journalist and broadcaster) Rozenberg

Law and Society in England 1750-1950

Professor William Cornish, Dr Stephen Banks, et al.

Measuring Justice: Quantitative Accountability and the...

Switzerland) Mugler Johanna (Universitat Bern

Dimensions of Politics and English Jurisprudence

Sean (University of Birmingham) Coyle

Older People in Law and Society

University of Oxford.) Herring Jonathan (Fellow in Law at Exeter College

In Defense of Plural Marriage

Ronald C. (California Polytechnic State University) Den Otter

US Supreme Court Opinions and their Audiences

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Science, Colonialism, and Indigenous Peoples: The Cultural...

Canada) Whitt Manitoba Laurelyn (Brandon University

The Evolution of Competition Law in New Zealand

University of Otago) Ahdar Professor of Law Rex (Professor of Law

Torture Behind Bars: Role of the Police Force in India

Australia) Aston Edith Cowan University School of Business and Law Associate Professor Joshua N. (Associate Professor

Investing in Authoritarian Rule: Punishment and Patronage in...

Anuradha (University of South Carolina) Chakravarty