Jurisprudence & philosophy of law

The Misery of International Law: Confrontations with...

University of Durham) Linarelli Professor of Commercial Law John (Professor of Commercial Law, Margot E. (Director of the Laboratory for Advanced Research on the Global Economy at the LSE and Associate Professor in the Depa, et al.

Karl Llewellyn and the Realist Movement

William (University College London) Twining

The Philosophy of Law

University of Pennsylvania ) Kant San Diego Immanuel (University of California

Deserved Criminal Sentences

Andreas Von Hirsch

Change and Continuity: Statute, Equity, and Federalism

High Court of Australia) Gummow William (Justice

Concerning Justice

Lucilius A Emery

Utility, Publicity, and Law: Essays on Bentham's Moral and...

University of North Carolina) Postema Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Gerald J. (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy