Corporate finance

Foundations of Finance [RENTAL EDITION]

J. Petty, Arthur Keown, et al.

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Laurence Booth i Sean Cleary

Singapore Blue Chips, The: The Rewards & Risks Of Investing...

Hong Kong) Desai Umesh (Thomson Reuters i Nandini (-) Vijayaraghavan

What's Your Business Worth?: The entrepreneur and advisor's...

Michael M. Carter, Daniel Priestley, et al.

Financial Analysis and Decision Making

Director of Executive Development Vance David E

Mergers & Acquisitions And Partnerships In China

Uk) Coispeau Olivier (Maverlinn i France) Luo Stephane (Inalco & Paris Vii Univ

The CFO Handbook

Benjamin Makela i Mark Haskins

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Stewart Myers, Alan Marcus, et al.

Principles of Financial Engineering

Imperial Coll Robert (Associate Professor of Finance and Director of the Risk Management Lab and Centre for Hedge Fund Research i USA) Neftci NY New York New School for Social Research Salih N. (Late of the Global Finance Master's Program