Economic history


Karl Marx i Fredrick Engels

Continuity, Chance and Change: The Character of the...

Oxford) Wrigley E. A. (All Souls College

Intraco: Blazing A Trail Overseas For Singapore?

S'pore) Yahya Faizal Bin (Inst Of Policy Studies

Unity in Nigeria's Diversity

Vitalis Chi Nwaneri

The Development of the French Economy 1750-1914

Colin (University of Nottingham) Heywood

On Financial Reform

Henry Parnell

Finance as Warfare

USA) Hudson Kansas City Michael (University of Missouri

Economic Transformation Of China, The

Usa) Perkins Dwight Heald (Harvard Univ

Wall Street Capitalism: The Theory Of The Bondholding Class

Usa) Canterbery E Ray (Florida State Univ

Taiwan's Modernization: Americanization And Modernizing...

Japan) Zhang Wei-bin (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Univ

Economies of Network Industries

Hans Werner Gottinger