Elections & referenda

How to Rig an Election

Brian Klaas i Nic Cheeseman

Evaluating Campaign Quality: Can the Electoral Process be...

Rhode Island) West Darrell M. (Brown University, Rhode Island) Clifton Brett M. (Brown University, et al.

Hope for Democracy: How Citizens Can Bring Reason Back into...

Penn State University) Professor of Political Science and Communication John (Professor of Political Science and Communication i University of Colorado) Knobloch Assistant Professor of Communication Katherine (Assistant Professor of Communication

Saving American Elections: A Diagnosis and Prescription for a...

Anthony (Northern Illinois University) Gierzynski

Elections without Order: Russia's Challenge to Vladimir Putin

Richard (University of Strathclyde) Rose i Neil (University of Strathclyde) Munro

The Loyalties of Voters

Richard Rose i Ian McAllister