Political structure & processes

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To Kill A Democracy: India's Passage to Despotism

Debasish Roy (Award-winning journalist based in Hong Kong) Chowdhury i University of Sydney) Keane Professor of Politics John (Professor of Politics

Foreign and Domestic Investment in Argentina: The Politics of...

Berkeley) Post Alison E. (University of California

Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure

Alice F. Sturgis i American Institute of Parliamentarians

People Who Run Europe

University of Hull) Page Professor of Politics Edward C. (Professor of Politics

On Law, Politics, and Judicialization

University of Oxford) Stone Sweet Nuffield College Alec (Official Fellow and Chair of Comparative Government i Berkeley) Shapiro University of California Boalt Law School Martin (Professor of Law

Coalition Politics and Economic Development: Credibility and...

Ohio State University) Nooruddin Irfan (Professor

Model United Nations: Student Preparation Guide

Adams Linda S Adams i Adamski Janet E Adamski

Institutions of Modern Spain: A Political and Economic Guide

Newcastle) Newton Michael T. (Northumbria University

How Language Works in Politics: The Impact of Vague...

Matthew (University of Oxford) Williams