Cognition & cognitive psychology

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman


Olivier Sibony, Cass R. Sunstein, et al.

Peak: How all of us can achieve extraordinary things

Anders Ericsson i Ph.D. Pool Robert

The Little CBT Workbook

Dr Michael Sinclair i Belinda Hollingsworth

The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul: Learning and the Origins...

Tel Aviv University) Jablonka Eva (Professor i Simona (Open University of Israel) Ginsburg

Problem Solving Therapy in the Clinical Practice

Turkey) Eskin Department of Psychiatry Mehmet (Adnan Menderes University

Circuits of the Mind

Harvard University) Valiant Aiken Computer Laboratory Leslie G. (Aiken Computer Laboratory

Handbook on Psychopathy and Law

Department of Psychology) Kiehl The University of New Mexico Associate Professor Kent A. (Associate Professor i Chauncey Stillman Professor of Eth Walter P. (Chauncey Stillman Professor of Ethics and Professor of Kenan Institute for Ethics