Police & security services

Policing the Risk Society

University of British Columb Doctoral Candidate member of Green College Doctoral Candidate Kevin D. (member of Green College i Professor Sociology and Prin Professor of Law Professor Sociology and Principal of Green College Richard V. (Professor of Law

Introduction to Policing Electronic Version

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Interview Exercises for the Police Recruit Assessment Process

Jodi Roffey-Barentsen i Richard Malthouse

Policing as Social Discipline

University of Warwick) Choongh Socio-Legal Research Fellow Satnam (Socio-Legal Research Fellow

Dear Chief

Bruce R. Sims

The Politics of Police Detention in Japan: Consensus of...

Japan) Croydon Kyoto University Hakubi Centre for Advanced Research Assistant Professor Silvia (Assistant Professor

Interactive Exercises for the Police Recruit Assessment...

Richard Malthouse, Jodi Roffey-Barentsen, et al.

The New World of Police Accountability

Samuel E. Walker i Carol A. Archbold

A Future for Policing in England and Wales

Gloucestershire Police) Brain Timothy (Former Chief Constable

Blackstone's Police Manual Volume 4: General Police Duties 2017

Paul (Police Training Consultant) Connor, Glenn (Private assessment and examination consultant) Hutton, et al.

Effective Investigation of Child Homicide and Suspicious Deaths

Metropolitan Police) Marshall QPM David (Former Detective Chief Inspector

Blackstone's Police Q&A: General Police Duties 2017

and qualified police trainer and assessor) Watson John (Former Police Inspector i South Wales Police) Smart Huw (Former Chief Inspector

Blackstone's Handbook of Ports & Border Security

West Yorkshire Police) Staniforth Andrew (North East Counter Terrorism Unit i Police National Legal Database (PNLD)

Professionalizing the Police: The Unfulfilled Promise of...

University of Surrey) Fielding Professor Nigel G. (Professor


Clive Harfield, Allyson MacVean, et al.