Social work

Myths, Misconceptions, and Invalid Assumptions of Counseling...

Baylor Menninger Department of Psychiatry Clinical Professor Menninger Department of Psychiatry Jeffrey (Clinical Professor i Department of Leadership and Counselor Educa Professor Department of Leadership and Counselor Education Richard S. (Professor

Foundations of Interpersonal Practice in Social Work:...

Brett A. Seabury, Barbara Seabury, et al.

Comparative Approaches to Program Planning

F. Ellen Netting, Mary Katherine O'Connor, et al.

The Case of the Missing Perpetrator

Susan (University of Victoria) Strega

Classifying Fashion, Fashioning Class: Making Sense of...

UK) Appleford London Katherine (Kingston University

Negotiating Safe Sex Among Young Women

John R M Philemon i Severine S a Kessy

Power and Probity in a DC Cooperative: The Life and Death of...

John C. (Georgetown University in Washington D C) Hirsh

Ghana's Oil and Local Livelihoods

Sheila Woetsa Zotorvie

Clinical Data-Mining: Integrating Practice and Research

Hunter College) Epstein Professor Irwin (Professor