Guanxi And Business (2nd Edition)

Usa) Luo Yadong (Univ Of Miami

Whose Standards?


Deception In The Marketplace: The Psychology of Deceptive...

USA) Boush Eugene David M. (University of Oregon, USA) Friestad Eugene Marian (University of Oregon, et al.

An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture

Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann, et al.

Shopping with Freud

Rachel Bowlby

Intentional Behaviorism: Philosophical Foundations of...

UK) Foxall Cardiff University Gordon (Professor

Freedom from Want: American Liberalism and the Idea of the...

Kathleen G. (Central Michigan University) Donohue

The Triumph of Emptiness: Consumption, Higher Education, and...

Department of Business Administration) Alvesson Lund University Mats (Lund University

From the "Democratic Deficit" to a "Democratic Surplus":...

University of Bristol Law School) Psygkas Lecturer in Law Athanasios (Lecturer in Law

Shelf Life: Supermarkets and the Changing Cultures of...

Kim (University of Melbourne) Humphery

El consumo de servicios culturales

Gloria Contrí Berenguer i Manuel García Cuadrado

12,00 €

Consumo y derecho

RAFAEL LARA GONZALEZ i Juan Miguel Echaide Izquierdo

20,00 €

Arbitragem online em conflitos de consumo


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